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From: Dream Works Painting                                                                                            

Stay Home Be safe 

We will now only provide quotes online (you will not be handed a physical quote, but you can print it at the safety of your own home). We will still offer on site appointments for an estimate, but social distance guidelines will be followed between customer and sales rep. 

Take Lots Of Pictures

We can now provide you with an estimate trough email if the customer can send us pictures of every wall or ceiling on each of the rooms, along with an approximate measurement of each individual room that they want to get an estimate on. On the exterior please send us as many pictures of each side of the house, deck, porch, garage or any item or area that you want painted to provide you with the most accurate estimate. Also send us pictures of any areas of wood rot that need to be replaced.

We Will Do The Work

We will only perform exterior work for the time being, but you can still request estimates for the interior of your home.

We hope everyone stays safe, 

"Everything will be okay"

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